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Most of the users face problems while accessing the web setup portal. Don’t worry, and we are here to give you the best solution by which you can resolve your issues. is a web setup portal that is used to install a new Netgear extender setup. Sometimes address failed to redirect due to some unrealizable mistakes. Yes, we are talking about spelling mistakes. Avoid typing in a hurry while you are using the IP address or web address. 

In this informative guide, we will tell you about how you can successfully install your Netgear range extender in a single try. Keep reading until the end, and don’t miss any steps to avoid error popups on your screen.  

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Before we start the setup procedure, here are few tips that you need to keep in mind for error-free installation. You can use the web address ( as well as the IP address ( to access the web setup portal. Whatever you are using IP or web address, make sure you enter them in the address bar, not in the search bar.

Follow the below-mentioned information for prior setup preparations.

  • Keep both the devices ( extender and router) in the same room during the installation procedure.  
  • Ensure that the web browser you are going to use for the extender device installation procedure is not outdated. Update the web browser for error-free installation. 
  • Keep the firmware updated. 
  • Check your electricity socket, and it should not be damaged. 
  • If you are using the manual installation method, keep the ethernet wire damage-free. 
  • Make sure that your existing router is distributing a live internet connection near your extender device.

Once all the prior preparations are well checked, let’s move to the setup process. 

Install the Extender Device Using Netgear IP Address

  • Plug your extender in any electricity outlet socket and power it on. Let your extender device get stable.
  • Look for the WPS Button on your extender device.
  • Press and hold the WPS button for almost 20 seconds straight and then release it. 
  • Once the WPS indicator starts blinking, move to your router and repeat the same process with your router’s WPS button. 
  • Make sure that both the devices are placed near each other. 
  • Once done, take any of your wifi-enabled personal computers and launch an updated web browser. 
  • Click on the address bar and type or
  • You are now automatically redirected to the new Netgear extender web setup portal.
  • Enter the admin credentials in the given username and password area. If you are using a new extender, your username must be ‘admin,’ and the password should be ‘password’ or no password at all.
  • Click on the login button. 
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions till you see the available internet network list.
  • Look for your new extender network and click on it to get connected. 
  • Follow further information and tap on Finish to save your made settings. 
  • Once done, pick your extender and replace it near the location you want to spread the internet connection. 
  • Ensure that your extender device is receiving proper internet supply from your router to fill the dead network zone area. 
  • Connect your smart devices with your new network and enjoy the internet at every footstep.

Congratulations! you are all set.


I hope this information helps you in installing the Netgear extender and resolving issues. If there is any other problem that you are facing, let us know. 


Post Author: Anne