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Netgear wifi extender setup

Boost your internet connection via Netgear wifi extender setup. Extenders are mainly used to extend the network coverage area of your existing router. This blog post will tell you how you can fill the dead zone area in your house or workplace with live internet connections. Also, this post will tell you some tips and tricks to experience better internet quality.
This post will answer the following questions:

  • How to install the Netgear extender setup using
  • Where to place the Netgear extender after the installation?
  • How to increase the internet speed and coverage a little more than before?

To know about the complete information, stick with the post till the end.

Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup without CD [AC1200]

Direct Installation process for Netgear WiFi extender setup –

Here are the easy installation steps for Netgear extender setup. Please don’t skip any step and follow carefully.

  • Firstly, unbox your new Netgear extender device carefully with the help of a manual guide.
  • Now take your extender device to the same room as your existing wifi.
  • Then, plug your Netgear extender into the electricity socket.
  • Press the action button to turn on your extender device.
  • Let your extender get stable for a couple of seconds.
  • Now take an ethernet wire and connect your router and extender device via LAN port.
  • Open your personal computer and launch a web browser.
  • Ensure to use an updated version of the web browser to avoid error popups on your screen during the installation process.
  • Once you have launched the web browser, click on the address bar, type and hit the enter key.
  • If you don’t get automatically redirected to the Netgear extender web setup portal, try filling the IP address in the address bar.
  • Once you get on the Netgear extender setup portal, click on the new Netgear extender setup icon.
  • Now sign up for the new admin account by filling in the requested information on your screen.

Login Your Netgear Wifi Extender

(If you already have an account, enter the username and password and click on the login button)

  • Click on the sign-up option and move forward.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully.
  • You are now prompted to ask some security questions, answer them correctly.
  • Now click on the available internet connection option and look for your Netgear extender network.
  • Click on your new Netgear extender connection to get connected.
  • Now follow further instructions showing on your screen carefully.
  • Now apply your settings to save them.
  • Your installation is now complete. You can directly change the location of your Netgear extender device as per your desire.

Don’t know where to put your extender device after the Netgear extender setup? We are here.

Place your Netgear extender device in the correct location

Once you have completed the installation, it’s time to find the best location for your extender device. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Know that your extender device needs enough internet connections from your existing router to fill the dead zone.
  • Ensure that the location you choose for your extender device is near to your router so that the extender can have proper internet signals to work perfectly fine.
  • Ensure to avoid the corners of your room when you are about to place your Netgear extender device.
  • Keep your extender device in the middle of your home or workplace for better response.
  • Once you have successfully placed the extender, take any mobile device and tap on the wifi icon.
  • Please search for your new Netgear extender network and click on it to get connected.
  • Make sure to mark the remember me option so that you don’t have to connect every time you come close to your extender device.
  • Once connected, run a test video to check whether the internet connection is live or not.
  • All set? Enjoy a buffer-free internet experience at every footstep of your area.

Want to boost your internet speed and network coverage up to 3000 sq ft?

You can use some points to increase the speed and network coverage of your existing router via a Netgear extender device.

  • Keep your extender and router device away from the concrete walls as they cause a lot of network loss that results in low network connections.
  • Ensure that your extender and router device are not in the range of any electronic gadget like baby monitors, microwave ovens, refrigerator, etc., as they interfere with the signals physically.
  • Also, radio frequencies are the big turn-off for your Netgear extender device. Could you keep it away from it?

If you are still facing any Netgear extender setup,, or any other Netgear issues, we are here to assist you with a better solution.

Post Author: Anne